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Case studies

I specialize in helping e-commerce businesses implement AI solutions, including ChatGPT, chatbots and agents, to improve product recommendations and customer interactions. My passion for visualizing data drives my unique approach to showcasing AI's potential:

AI for jeans retailers

AI for jeans retailers

I've created interactive case studies that visually demonstrate how AI, including large language models like ChatGPT, can transform your retail operations. Instead of static PDFs, these dynamic pages allow you to see real-time product recommendations based on customer inquiries, with techniques as data optimization, hybrid search and reranking.

Case study demo

For example, see how the system responds to inquiries like "I'm looking for women's jeans for a summer party":

Vectorized data
Data Type
Number of jeans
Pick a customer inquiry

AI product recommendations

Explore these case studies to discover how AI can enhance your e-commerce business.

Get your own case study

Ready to see the difference AI can make? Book a free call to discuss how I can create a customized, interactive case study for your e-commerce business: